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  • Minggu ke 1: Reviews
  • Minggu ke 2: Introductory
  • Minggu ke 3: Coursers
  • Minggu ke 4: Mastery
  • Minggu ke 5: Study Group
  • Minggu ke 6: Study Group


  • English Preparation


  • 6 Minggu Camp
  • Handbook
  • Konseling setiap minggu
  • Raport Belajar
  • Scoring Simulation
  • Kelas Besar
  • Kelas Kerja
  • Study Group


  • Ada pretest untuk penentuan level. Jika tidak lulus akan digantikan ke level yang lebih rendah
  • Periode 10 Agustus
  • Periode 10 September
  • Periode 10 Oktober
  • Periode 10 November
Durasi Kategori

I Informasi Program Toefl Camp

Program TOEFL Camp 1 Bulan. Level Menengah. 14 Jam belajar per hari. Termasuk camp english area. 1 kamar 3-4 orang

3 reviews for TOEFL Camp TEST ES

  1. Putri Kelas 10 dec 2015

    I can learn more about english here about speaking , writing , etc . And i think thar my english ability increase extreamly .

  2. Afkar ahsani usman Kelas 25 april 2015

    First time when i come in here i came in here i was an introvert person who can’t interact well with people . Several months in studying english in TEST -ES and became an extrovert person i found my true potention of my self in here.

  3. NUR MUAHMMAD AZHARY Kelas 10 dec 2015

    This the right place for person who wants to study abroad or work everseas . The schedule was tight , but well organized the dorm and the service is good . the tutors are professional and kind , to the members.

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